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earthquakeMost of you are aware that Utah is long overdue for “the big one”. The question is not “if” an large magnitude earthquake will happen in Utah, but “when”.

Every April, the Deseret News runs a series of articles related to Earthquake Preparedness Month. In 2008, the newspaper wrote about the earthquake in an interesting way. They wrote about the earthquake as if it actually happened and you are reading about it from somewhere else.

This would be an excellent opportunity for a class discussion on how the effects our overdue earthquake could have on our communities, cities, and the state as a whole. Ask your students questions such as, “Why would it take so long for help to arrive?” and “Does the time of day make a difference as far as earthquake casualties?”

Salt Lake Earthquake 2008 Part 1

Salt Lake Earthquake 2008 Part 2

Salt Lake Earthquake 2008 Part 3 (1)

For you Salt Lake Valley educators, here’s a map that shows the amount of shaking that would be experienced in your area.

After you’re done reading the article, set up the projector and show your class this Earthquake simulator from National Geographic and create your own unique earthquake!

To access Earthquake Simulator:
-Click here to go to the National Geographic “Forces of Nature” webpage
-Next to “Choose a Force”, click on the Earthquake symbol
-Simulation is on page 7 (note there is an option for a fault quake- might be appropriate for where you live!)

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