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“Fake” Book Profile

This is a fun activity that can be done during the end of any unit or semester that combines Utah’s historical figures with 21st century popular culture.

Ever wonder what Brigham Young’s Facebook profile would have looked like? How about the profile for Father Dominguez or Escalante? Using what your students have learned in your class, and a perhaps a little further detailed research, they can now create a “fake-book” profile page for Utah’s famous historical figures. All they have to do is fill out a template much like the ones found on today’s Facebook pages but as if he/she was the historical figure. This page will have areas the student can fill in with information about his/her historical figure, such as their figure’s likes/dislikes, political and religious views, favorite activities, post messages from friends and more. It really makes students think about their historical figure and what he or she would have been like on a social level. Here’s an example.

You can create a template yourself that’s to your liking, or purchase a classroom set.

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