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Stories from “The Great Depression”

When people think of The Great Depression, usually one of the first things that come to mind is people loosing their money, house, jobs, and more. While all this is true, you might be surprised to learn of the different impacts the stock market crash had on those in Utah. In rural cities and counties, some people hardly gave the depression a thought! This was because times had always been hard for these people who had been raised on the land, and handled little cash to begin with (trading/bartering was still very common in rural areas).

Sharing these stories about families who lived during the Great Depression is truly an eye opener to students and teachers alike. Be sure to ask follow up questions and ask what stood out to the students in general. Remember that these stories not only share how the Great Depression affected daily life, but in many circumstances it shares what life had always been like, Great Depression or not.

Utah Stories from The Great Depression

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