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Counties and Seats- March Madness Style

This class activity is a spin-off from an earlier post about learning counties and their seats.

Flashcards with each county name and its seat on the front and back, respectively
Paper to keep score

(You can use a text book or handout if you have no flashcards available)

Group your students into groups of 4 and move their desks into a table so they all face each other.

Desk Map

One student writes each student’s name at the top of a piece of paper to keep score. Student A quizzes Student B sitting across from him/her on the counties and county seats. Student C, sitting to the left/right of Student A, keeps score of how many the student answer correctly within 60 seconds (I have someone else keep score so the driller won’t waste precious seconds marking tallies). Student B then drills Student A, with Student D keeping score on the same sheet of how many Student A answers correctly in 60 seconds.

The students sitting next to each other (Students A/C and B/D) then quiz each other, each adding points to their previous score.

The person with the most amount of points at each table is then taken to the next round where he or she will compete with the winners from other groups. The winners move to sit at the same tables and the round starts over again while the rest of the class can watch or keep quizzing themselves. Class winner gets a prize (I usually asked them what their favorite candy bar was and then brought it to class the next day).

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