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Build A Shuttle

It’s amazing to see the advances in technology from the 19th to the 20th century. Whereas it once took months to cross the plains to Utah, now we’re heading from earth to space in a matter of minutes! Utah has a strong connection to NASA as the space program has been quoted as “a cornerstone of Utah’s economy”. With companies such as ATK located in Utah, many Utahns are dependent upon the Space Program.

Due to recent political changes, however, Utah has been greatly affected with Washington’s decision to end the space shuttle program. No matter what political stance you as a teacher personally have regarding this change, it doesn’t alter the fact that Utah has strong ties to our advances in space exploration which shouldn’t be ignored.

To celebrate Utah’s involvement, why not let your students build a shuttle of their own? Click here to see an activity by NASA for any student.

If you’d like more information regarding how the halt of the shuttle program has affected Utah, click here to read an article from the Salt Lake Tribune.

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