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Meet You At Promontory Point!

Every teacher has a certain review game they play in their class, but this activity puts a new twist to just about any review game.


  • Popsicle sticks (larger ones work best, but small ones are fine)
  • Yellow/Gold paper

To add this twist to your review game, the class needs to be split into 2 teams. We’ll call them Union Pacific and Central Pacific. :)

Take a sheet of gold/yellow paper and cut out the shape of a spike. Label it “Promontory Point”, and place it in the center of the board in the front of the room.

Each team starts at the opposite sides of the board. With a marker, draw railway tracks from each side to the center, but don’t draw the railroad ties. As each side answers a correct question to the review game, they are given a Popsicle stick (railroad tie) to build their team’s track headed towards Promontory Point. The kids love seeing their progress throughout the game. You can choose the number of required sticks it takes to get to the center.

The first team to reach Promontory Point wins!

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