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“Erosion” with Bill Nye the Science Guy

To say that Utah is a good example of the process of erosion would be an understatement. It’s a PERFECT example of erosion! Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) did an episode on erosion in which he describes its process and diverse forms and how it shapes the land. The best part about this episode, is that it features Utah! Now, he never actually says he’s in Utah, but from his surroundings, you can tell that a good part of the episode was filmed in southern Utah from the Delicate Arch, Bryce Canyon, and other landmarks.

Check this episode out for yourself and see if it’s something you’d like to show your kids. (You must use your UEN username and password to get into pioneer library, then click on e-media and type “Bill Nye Erosion” in the search box. It should pop up!)

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