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Statehood Mural

After waiting so long, longer than most territories’ wait for statehood, Utah finally was admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896. Utahns across the state started planning festivities. You can celebrate in your classroom too, by creating a mural on a long roll of craft paper. Every student will need to contribute to this mural in order for its success. On your mural, students need to illustrate different scenes from Utah history learned up to that point.

This activity is great because it shows the history of Utah through pictures. It shows how Utah has changed so much from the time of its early inhabitants. This activity can also be used as a kind of “brain spill” so students can “spill” whatever they know, or what stands out the most, from the many lessons of Utah history.

You don’t want to make mural too big, or else it might be hard to fill up the space. But you want it long enough for students to show Utah’s long and diverse history.

Another option, is assigning each student, or a small group, to illustrate a particular scene in Utah’s history, instead of it being a free-for-all. You may even want to throw a class party to get the kids into the spirit of things!

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