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It’s important to teach students how Utah’s geography and land affected the Native American diet. What kind of plants and animals are capable of living in each region? If you and your students have studied this, then rest assured you have a pretty good idea of what Native Americans ate! This activity goes right along with your lesson on geography, or the importance of hunting/gathering/farming.

Come up with a list of major plants/animals that are native to Utah (don’t forget the seasonal ones) that could provide nutrients to the Native American diet. There are also some you may not know about, such as grasshoppers and other insects.

Students will then create a menu for a fictitious Native American restaurant that serves what was typically eaten. The fun part is describing the delicacies, and delicious dishes!

“‘Fisherman’s Meal’ is a dish featuring freshly caught rainbow trout, with a side of maize ground to perfection, topped off with a berry sauce with bits of grasshopper to garnish.”

Of course, let the class share their menus with each other at the end.

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