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Phew! I think your students would agree with you in saying the class has been working hard this semester. Isn’t it about time for a class party? How about your own class rendezvous?

For this, you need some preparation. Many teachers have a system where individual students earn points, “dollars”, or such where students are given this “currency” in return for good work, behavior, errands, effort, etc. Even if you don’t typically do this in your class, putting a system like this in place just during your Explorers unit can end up fun and educational. I use “furs” as the system of currency in my class because it makes my students feel like fur trappers.

At the beginning of the unit, explain to the class that (if they prove themselves worthy…) at the end of the unit there will be a rendezvous, where you will be able to use your furs to trade (or auction) for fun prizes. Tell them what you expect from them to earn these furs, and that they can be taken away if needed. These furs can be pieces of paper copied on colored paper. Click here for an example of cut out furs.

During the unit, pass them out to individuals whose work/behavior show they deserve a fur. At the end, set out some small prizes to auction off in exchange for furs. Students can also bring in prizes to auction off if they’d like.

Have fun, you deserve it!

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