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Pioneer Journal

This activity can directly follow the Explorer’s Unit. If your class just finished their Explorer’s Journal, they can start a new kind of journal, but this time for pioneers.

The Mormon pioneers were the first white permanent settlers in Utah, and they contributed so much to Utah’s culture. But they came from different places! Some came all the way from Europe, Canada, the east coast, and so on. They had a big journey ahead of them to reach Deseret. They obviously didn’t have the conveniences we have now, so their trek was full of hardships and they learned to be resourceful. Let your students be creative but factual in their Pioneer entries. The length and frequency of these journal entries are, of course, up to you. You can download a Pioneer Journal template here if you’d like. If you use this template, however, be sure to copy both sides of the lined paper, to avoid blank pages in your book.

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