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Pioneer Games

Like kids now-a-days, pioneer children had games they used to play to entertain themselves. You can find many pioneer games online, but here’s one of my favorites:

Hunter & Deer

  • 2 blindfolds
  • whistle (optional)
  • Choose one student to be the hunter, and another to be the deer. Blindfold both players. The rest of the class stands in a tight circle around the hunter and deer. When you give the signal (I blow a whistle), the hunter starts chasing the deer. Since they’re both blindfolded, it’s quite funny to watch. The deer, of course, is trying to stay away from the unseen hunter, and the hunter in trying to catch a deer he/she can’t see! If either player comes in contact with the student-formed boundary, that student will gently nudge the hunter/deer back into the middle of the circle. If the hunter catches the deer (and holds it for longer than 5 seconds), the hunter wins. If the deer can avoid being caught for at least 2 minutes, the deer wins.

    Of course, you can adjust this game however you’d like. I like to play this game outside and we usually play this game while making homemade butter. Students pass the jar of butter around the circle and take turns shaking it. See post titled Homemade Butter for more information.

    Here is a link with several more ideas for pioneer games:

    Have fun, and don’t forget to play it safe!

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