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Native American Greeting at SLC 2002 Winter Olympics

For those of you who watched the Opening Ceremony at the 2002 SLC Winter Olympic Games, you will remember the greeting given by the Utah Native American tribal leaders. These leaders represented their own tribe, which included the Ute, Goshute, Shosone, Piute, and Navajo-Dene tribes. Each leader led their tribe onto the stage, and everyone was dressed in tribal clothes and dancing! After the performance, the five leaders then gathered together and accepted a gift from an athlete, and each give a welcome in their own tribal language. The dance and costume show great culture, and it’s really interesting to hear the different languages!

The Native American Welcome starts about 50 seconds into this clip.

If you’re interested in the rough translation of their welcome, I got the following from the news commentary that went along with the ceremony:

“Welcome to you athletes. At this historical gathering, we’re here today as brothers, sisters and friends. Our creator will watch over us. Welcome to the athletes of the world, to this beautiful country of Utah. Father watch over the athletes, take care of them all, and welcome many nations to Salt Lake; much luck to you all.”

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