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Homemade Butter

Here’s a fun pioneer activity that also has taste! Most people have done something like this before, but it’s fun to do in a Utah History class. You may not have a butter churner, but making butter like this is kind of the same idea.


  • 2 half pints of whipping cream
  • 2 jars with secure lids (screw on lids work the best)
  • pinch of salt
  • bread and jam (optional)
  • Pour whipping creams into separate jars, and add a pinch of salt to each jar. Secure lids and shake!

    This does take a little while to make, but eventually the whipping cream conglomerates and turns into butter! Pass the jars around the room allowing each student to have a turn shaking a jar. I usually do this activity while we’re outside playing pioneer games, so the shaking doesn’t disrupt a lesson.

    You’ll know when the butter is ready when there’s a chunk of butter in the jar with some buttermilk surrounding it. You can discard the buttermilk if you’d like. Spread the butter on individual slices of bread for your students, and let them spread jam if desired. I promise, they’ll never forget this activity!

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