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Tired of the Yawns?

I sure was. Especially since I was the one yawning! I’m a Utahn native, and like many of you, had to take seventh-grade Utah History. I’m sure my teacher had good intentions, but Utah history never made an impression on my 13 year-old mind. Maybe it’s because students feel they “already know” all they need to know about the history of Utah. Maybe they feel it’s irrelevant compared to U.S. or World History. Maybe they’re tired of the bookwork, worksheets and old videos. There’s multiple reasons why students aren’t engaged in their Utah History class.

I graduated in History Education, and when I started teaching I was determined to teach Utah History in a way that would stick! I wanted to show that there’s so much more to Utah History than what they “already know”. This site is aimed to help educators teach Utah History in a way that engages the student in hands-on activities that allows them to experience Utah History like never before, leading to a greater appreciation of what and who went before them to create Utah History. Enjoy!

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